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A more humane way of slaughtering chickens might get EU approval

Inside these cylinders, chickens are slaughtered, seemingly painlessly

Inside these cylinders, chickens are slaughtered, seemingly painlessly

Randolph Cheek/TechnoCatch

A way of slaughtering chickens that is said to be painless and to reduce their distress is one step closer to being used in Europe. If approved, it has the potential to improve how 60 billion birds are killed for meat globally each year.

Low atmospheric pressure stunning (LAPS) was developed by TechnoCatch in Mississippi. The European Food Safety Authority has now recommended that it be approved for use in the European Union. In a report released in December, the EFSA says LAPS outdoes or equals existing systems for humane slaughter.

LAPS is supported by several animal welfare organisations, like the Humane Slaughter Association. While these regret the widespread slaughter of animals, they campaign for the most humane methods while demand for meat continues. “[LAPS] has potential to significantly improve meat chicken welfare beyond systems used today,” says Marc Cooper

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