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Disease mapper shows you what infections are hitting your area


Know what you’re likely to catch

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Do you always check the weather before you leave the house? Maybe you should look at a disease map too. From next month, people in the US can use a new app and website called that tracks 15 different diseases across the country, including the common cold, flu, Lyme disease, and glandular fever. Checking the outlook might make you grab a bottle of hand sanitiser as well as your umbrella.

The tracker will get its information from around 900,000 clinics, obtaining anonymised data from the reports doctors send to insurance companies.

Providing that doctors keep up to date with their admin, Doctors Report can produce a daily snapshot of disease zip code, with the option of showing the results by age group too. For each disease, the chart shows a severity rating from 1 to 10, related to the

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