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How do you stop your smart glasses filming in the toilet?

Smart glasses

Smart glasses and body cams are on the rise


The police are increasingly wearing body cameras, and smart glasses that instantly share your life on social media may one day become the norm. But if they’re capturing our every waking move, what about those private moments we don’t want recorded? One solution could be PrivacEye, a system that tries to learn when to stop filming and when to start again.

The device combines a forward-facing camera with a second pointing at the wearer’s own eye. Whilst filming with the first lens, a type of artificial intelligence algorithm called a convolutional neural network constantly scans the scene looking for clues that privacy is needed. The scene might include office colleagues who wouldn’t want a camera recording all of their keystrokes or a visit to the bathroom.

The neural network was trained by reviewing hours of footage rated on a

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