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Just one cigarette a day can cause serious heart problems

One is one too many

One is one too many

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Think that a quick smoke won’t do you any harm? Think again. Smoking just one cigarette a day is linked to major risk of heart disease.

That’s according to researchers who analysed the results of 141 studies, and estimated the relative risk associated with smoking one, five or 20 cigarettes per day.

They found that smoking one cigarette a day was associated with at least a 48 per cent increased risk of coronary heart disease (CHD) in men. Women saw at least a 57 per cent increased risk of CHD.

Both men and women who smoke one cigarette a day have a 30 per cent increased risk of stroke.

The team, who were led by researchers from the UCL Cancer Institute at University College London, said there is “no safe level” of smoking as they urged smokers to quit

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