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Kellyanne Conway says Donald Trump is ‘not soft on Russia’


“He’s not soft on Russia,” Conway said in an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo on “New Day.”

The full 'Putin list' of Russian oligarchs and political figures released by the US Treasury

“This President has been very tough about energy, about ISIS, and we’re trying to work together with Russia on big issues of the day like a denuclearized North Korea, which is everybody’s business,” she said.

The Trump administration declined Monday to impose new sanctions against Russian business and political figures after being required to consider doing so by an act passed by Congress last summer.

“(Trump) won’t punish them for what they did in the election? Is that what he’s saying?” Cuomo asked.

“What did they do in the election?” Conway said.

US names Russian oligarchs in 'Putin list' but imposes no new sanctions

“They interfered in this election to try and disrupt our democracy and they’re doing it right now,” Cuomo replied.

“And did they? Do you think that’s why he won and why the person whose name I never mention on TV anymore lost?” Conway said, referring to 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.


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